The Hard Truth ( Dick Grayson fanfic)

The Hard Truth ( Dick Grayson fanfic)

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I warn you, this book is so bad and when you read it you might want more, just a warning don't waste you time with this book. Anywho other than that hopefully you enjoy it. 

 When Robin goes out a couple of nights and Bruce is worried. But Bruce wants to talk about it but Dick won't. But Dick is hiding his identity from the team. What will happen find out in The Hard Truth that has some fluff. Thanks for reading. By the way I own nothing but most of the ideas I don't own any pictures. Thanks 

P.s. DONT READ!!!!!! I mean it.

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wolfy66990 wolfy66990 May 02
*Hisses very very loudly* ROBIN IS MINE BACK OFF!!! *grabs him and hisses and disappears into the shadows*
                              Robin: Blue Jay what are you doing.....?
Isn't that like physically impossible cause of gravity and blood circulation and *blahblah*science*blahblah*physics*blahblah*logic*blahblah*idontcareanymore*blahblah
Hmm you know I'm real life if anyone slept like that they'd be dead
Pegasister60 Pegasister60 Mar 02, 2016
My motto is "The ship sinks, but I'll sink the rest if I float!" Meaning, I'm that teacher's pet who can talk anyone out of a detention, but if I get caught I'll sell you out to save my ass. I'll lie for you other times if I'm not caught, but if I am you're dead.
emmalee_90 emmalee_90 Dec 23, 2016
Escape a robot? You should have gotten in the robot! 
                              (lol evangelion reference)
blogger_at_221b_ blogger_at_221b_ Aug 08, 2016
I know how you feel dick when parents confront you with that scary àss voice that say imma kill you if you don't tell (all parents have it but in different tones)