Forgotten Pine Tree

Forgotten Pine Tree

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chronosfan By chronosfan Updated Feb 19, 2016

A little boy almost died 6 years ago, but a triangle saves him and gives him a new life.
What happens when he goes to an odd town named Gravity falls?

My original Idea for my other book: Piceae Cipher: gravity falls Fan fic

*I do not own Gravity falls, or it's characters

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CyannPascallSporry CyannPascallSporry Sep 18, 2017
O_O, bye random kidnaper I would say It was a pleasure but I'm no Lair so bye.
Jeremy_Heere_ Jeremy_Heere_ Dec 21, 2017
So is dipped 12 and went missing when he was 6? Or 18 and went missing at 12?
Mable6893 Mable6893 Apr 29, 2017
I could never lie about my name because 2 minutes later I would forget what name I made up. Then I would be punched in the face.
HikariItsukerui HikariItsukerui May 15, 2017
I plan to be a doctor but I also have a thing for the creative field.
Cutie961 Cutie961 Jul 10, 2017
I see blank now this happen to me be For and this is my second time reading this book
InsaneFanficReader08 InsaneFanficReader08 Jun 12, 2017
Llamanic: like Roderick, but tragically misspelled since birth 😂😂😂