Forgotten Pine Tree

Forgotten Pine Tree

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chronosfan By chronosfan Updated Feb 19, 2016

A little boy almost died 6 years ago, but a triangle saves him and gives him a new life.
What happens when he goes to an odd town named Gravity falls?

My original Idea for my other book: Piceae Cipher: gravity falls Fan fic

*I do not own Gravity falls, or it's characters

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O_O, bye random kidnaper I would say It was a pleasure but I'm no Lair so bye.
Mable6893 Mable6893 Apr 29
I could never lie about my name because 2 minutes later I would forget what name I made up. Then I would be punched in the face.
I plan to be a doctor but I also have a thing for the creative field.
Cutie961 Cutie961 Jul 10
I see blank now this happen to me be For and this is my second time reading this book
Llamanic: like Roderick, but tragically misspelled since birth 😂😂😂
Have these kids gone insane? Ya hear gunshots next door, some demon creep walks in, and you chatting about who you are and wear you live? Sigh, what are schools teaching these days?!