The Chosen Ones [BoyXBoy]

The Chosen Ones [BoyXBoy]

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In the town of Pisces, it's a tradition where every year, one brave young man or woman will be sent into a Journey that seems endless. Nobody knows what lies within the Journey as it's not part of the town or the city. Pisces is the only existing town in the world, or so everybody thinks. But Dylan Maxon Allen is determined to know what the end of the Journey looks like. After all, he's been following his grandfather and father's footsteps who had been sent into the Journey. They had promised they would come back, but every people in the town of Pisces knows that whoever has been sent into the journey, never comes back.

                    But Dylan has a goal in mind. He would sign up to be sent into the Journey despite his mother's pleads and cries. He promised to himself that he would come back to the town of Pisces and tell them what he saw at the end. But he knows it'll be tough.

                    Another thing, Pisces are known to be a good water manipulator, but why does Dylan possesses a different power? Sure he can manipulate water and turn them into ice, but he has a greater power; much stronger than manipulating the water. He doesn't know where he got it, or why he got a different power. But like his father used to say to him when he was little: all odd questions, the answers are at the end of the Journey.

#1 - Part of the Extended Universe

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EasyThereEnoch EasyThereEnoch Jun 08, 2017
The creator of this has DEFINITELY read or watched the avatar series.
HikazayaNikushi HikazayaNikushi Sep 15, 2017
Oh my.. too many emotions present in me.. this book will be goof
HikazayaNikushi HikazayaNikushi Sep 15, 2017
Jhalstead Jhalstead Jan 08
Shouldn’t you change “them” to it? Seems weird reading it over and over trying to see if it’s the right word to use in that spot. Not judging or being rude, just trying to help and make other people’s read a good one without making the same error. 😄
lee_girlie lee_girlie Jan 17
Look at those sexy letters the w and the d just make me so hot and heavy👅👀🤯
ChiruAntonia ChiruAntonia Aug 14, 2016
This feels as if he has a pull towards that end of the journey