She's The  Troublemaker

She's The Troublemaker

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Maahi By QueenDarcyy Updated Nov 08

[ Previously Known as The Billionaires Troublemaker ]

Melissa Raykar , a girl who recently moved to New York , USA . A carefree girl, mostly a troublemaker  usually clumsy and forgetful but with an heart of gold . Grace and kind, she touches everyone's heart . Living with her brother and mother shes never into boyfriends for that matter but usually creates scenarios in her head ,From her childhood she had only learnt one thing 
' Love your Pizza ' 
With a disturbed childhood , haunting past and a huge responsibility , shes got her hands full . Making her way through daily problems she joins the highest degree new york based company , " The Kings " . Will this chapter add more problems to her already troubled life or will the ' Troublemaker' have some spice in her life .

Meet the polar opposite....

Xavier King, a billionaire often mentioned on Forbes magazine . Ruthless , cruel, merciless and a big-ass show off. Women woo to be mentioned with his name , while men envy his mighty presence . He has never loved anyone , every other girl is his next 'Target ' for fun or for a profit . A big company in hand and profits to come . His life is settled . 
In a turn of events , Melissa accidentally catches Xaviers's eye with her sassy and straight forward attitude.What happens when the billionaire and the trouble maker collide ? Chaos Ofcourse ....

Description sucks , check out the story !!

Amazing cover done by @raeken

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minkafox minkafox Aug 19
Lmao, thats not how interviews go, and her answers were horrible, its also illegal to ask if one is single or not
minkafox minkafox Aug 19
😒, I hate slut shaming and this girl is really unprofessional, she comes to work in jeans and a T shirt. This is a formal company, if it was a casual company than fine, but it is not, I would not have hired her because of that. She should respect the rules of the company she works at.