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Pretty Girls

Pretty Girls

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⭐️ By twelvewonderingstars Completed

Society screwed everything up, didn't it?

We live in a world in which one gets attention on either one of two golden conditions:

1. You're dead.
2. You're attractive.

It's the sad fact; it's the truth. If you're not beautiful, you're a nobody. Until that day, I wasn't what society would deem as beautiful. No, I wasn't overweight. No, I didn't have a uni-brow. In fact, no, I wasn't ugly.

I was something much much worse. I was normal. There was no part of me that stood out. I was an ordinary girl living among the shadows of the hot and gorgeous. It wasn't until that one day in which the new transfer student arrived had my life changed. If he hadn't noticed me, I would still be normal. 

But he did.

He taught me how to be pretty.

Just because he thought I was beautiful.


Iridessa Belle Sinclair always thought of herself as an ordinary girl. She had nothing special. Ordinary dirty blonde hair, along with ordinary lifeless dead blue eyes in which she hid behind a pair of spectacles. 

There was only one thing worse that being ugly in Crescent Grove High. And that was to be ordinary. Her school mates easily stood out, no matter for good or for bad, but she was just there, just existing. 

It wasn't until the transfer of a new student did Iridessa get a new insight into life. 

Apollo Hunt, the paparazzi's favorite bad boy, rebel and heart breaker that had been in jail too many times. After his parents drew the last straw, they shipped him over to California and in his relatives' care.

It was purely accidental did he bump, or knock down, the innocent Iridessa that had hid herself too well under the radar of anyone even barely beautiful. Curious of the mysterious and quiet yet sharp-tongued student, Apollo sought out to know more about Iridessa, in which in the end promising to make her pretty.

All because he thought she was simply beautiful. 


Book 3 of the 'Just Girls' series.


Highest Rank Teen Fiction: #65

Karen____Reyes Karen____Reyes Oct 11, 2016
Ordinary Cara 
                              No shes amazing-ly beautiful and just plain out amazing
lethologicas lethologicas Oct 20, 2016
The name Apollo is awesome
                              And it reminds me of Apollo Creed
s0urheather s0urheather Dec 14, 2016
This sounds just like me. 
                              I'm a emotional mess I just started crying, goodness!
mohana1998 mohana1998 Feb 25, 2016
I finished lost girls yesterday........and lotte just now......woah Pretty Girls my top priority right now..... :D
Chrysafenia Chrysafenia Oct 22, 2016
Do i have to read The otherwise two books first to continue with this one?
lethologicas lethologicas Oct 20, 2016
I feel like that's a bad thing
                              Going from beautiful to pretty