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Class Trip To Italy!

Class Trip To Italy!

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Vicchan By HelenaVWG Updated Nov 28, 2016

Edited version for Trip to Italy

Akatsuki_Shiro Akatsuki_Shiro Apr 23, 2016
I just realized. All the weak looking characters and/or probably bullied or clumsy, are the boss of their famiglia. (Well, I guess not all)
iiSugaVBiased iiSugaVBiased May 07, 2016
Am I just noticing this or Nono is really emphasizing that Tsuna is cute? O.O
                              Oh well! Just ignore moi! I'm just wondering
_AM007_ _AM007_ Aug 31, 2016
Well the-....
                              I just saw a big spider in my room.... well whatever...
rayorayona14 rayorayona14 Dec 17, 2015
I think I understand Tsuna, after all, who does like doing homework? 
                              It's the same with paperwork
1v2i3o4l5a 1v2i3o4l5a Nov 29, 2015
Love your story!!I suggest that you should add the fanservice scene *facepalm*