Arrogant Scandal || Jeon Jungkook

Arrogant Scandal || Jeon Jungkook

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●hiatus● By rongberrie Updated Dec 21, 2016

School has a romance of youth. For me? It's nothing but nonsense. Of course, to a student who is placed 196th out of 200. Life, is totally unfair. I realised this while studying 15 hours everyday. The kids who are academic achievers were born with brilliant minds. And not only that, they're good in sports and have a nice personality. They're also pretty and handsome. Also, rich too.

It's a sad reality to me that those ones who come from poor, humble families cannot easily succeed in these. So I'm at the bottom at the food chain, so to speak.

Kim Soobin and Jeon Jungkook are known as arch enemies around their school. Bickering and fighting day by day, will they ever stop?

Started: 6th December 2015

OMG is this like the drama "Cheer up"??!! I LOVE THAT DRAMA!
-taeddybear -taeddybear Jul 14, 2016
ofc namjoon would be here... lmao what were you thinking audi
takanarra takanarra Jan 23
헐 대박 내 남친이가 또똑한 사람이 되셧군아
krislyshayne krislyshayne Jul 10, 2016
Jungkook aranghae and I know the girl on the picture his name is chorong and bomi
Craezay Craezay Aug 13, 2016
I want to say awhh but I think it would have been weird asf. Imagine that though.
YoungMinJo7 YoungMinJo7 Sep 21, 2016
My best friend did to for me in pre school when I forgot my crayons and had to put my arms out. The times back then. Now he's my wonderful loving boyfriend.