Dark Prince (REVISING)

Dark Prince (REVISING)

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SassyDevil By Hayachin17 Updated Dec 17, 2017

Harry Potter had found out the truth behind his life. Dumbledore manipulate him using as a mere weapon, the friendship of his friends Ron and Hermione were all all lies. Until he met a mysterious girl who knows the truth of his life. Now Harry knows who about himself. He is not the Boy-Who-Lived. The savior of the wizarding world and no longer in the so-called-light side. He is Harrison Ceberus Salazar Riddle son of the Dark Lord, He-who-must-not-be-name,Lord Voldemort. He will continue the plan of his father and destroy Dumbledore and the Order of Phoenix. 

A/n: Sorry For the summary guys. Not quite good at it.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. J.K Rowling does she is a wicked author! 

Warning: Dumbledore, Molly, Ron, Ginny and Hermione Bashing! Sorry to all the fans that liked some of these characters.

Tags: Dark Harry, Gryffindor but much Slytherin Harry, BXB, Shonen Ai, Not Potter Harry, Original Character are there, Good Death Eaters and Voldemort and Evil Dumbledore. There will be politics involve.

Copyright: HP may not mine but if you want to use this idea of mine it's better if you ask me a permission at least one of you like idea and plots maybe yours is much better than mine :).

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I used to have a bitchy class president but i thought her a lesson making her cry and ever since then she calls me baby pres and does what i tell her to
Mysterious_AuthorWP Mysterious_AuthorWP Dec 25, 2017
Oooh...i recommend 'Kubera' and 'Black Haze' (Manga po ito at meron Magics/Fantasy yun lang :P hope you like them...still On-Going)