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|T A E H Y U N G| By Kim-Taehyuuung Updated Jan 31

(Y/n) was a great youtuber but not just a youtuber, a minecraft youtuber when she got 2 million subscriber she decided to move at London. Its her dream to move to London and have her own house.......
I know that Dan has a wife but in this story just pretend that she doesnt exist, I'm not trying to be mean here it's just pretending in this book that she doesnt exist...

Immortalgoomba176 Immortalgoomba176 Jul 01, 2016
right we need some stampy even tho he has nothing to do with this story but who cares!
leopardpool leopardpool 4 days ago
Dantdm: hi i just wanted to give you this cake fo-
                              Me: *takes cake then closed door* NOM NOM... wait... Was that...
If it was me irl, I would probably be passed out on the floor from fangirling...
daddyselman daddyselman Jun 24, 2016
No questions asked 
                              6:00 A.M
                              Me: im up man I'm up early wait I wake up at this time everyday
Starts camera: Hey guys Jessibac-*Spongbob narrator* 12. SECONDS LATER.
                              Jessica here and thank u so much for 2 k- Mil. Mil sorry. As A treat I have moved to the airpor- *Spongebob narrator* 1 ETERNITY LATER.
                              In London I mean, I hope I will enjoy living here!
Jessify Jessify Aug 17, 2016
When I see cake : Well thanks... See you later with another cake... Bye~