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-spellbound By Fantasy_girl21 Updated Nov 21, 2016

EVELYN RAVANGER was the girl viewed as a traitor. After escaping from her brutal Alpha who tortured her for a crime everyone assumed she committed, she thought she could live a normal life and be free. But she was wrong.
  GLAYDE BURKOV is the new Alpha who is desperate to prove himself to the people who still view him as a weak omega. He knows no matter how dangerous and incredibly stubborn Evelyn is, she could be the key to saving his people from the fury of rogue Shifters killing innocent people. Evelyn's physical and emotional endurance has Glayde growing a weak spot for her, but he also knows that she usually leaves behind a blood trail wherever she goes. He won't hesitate to take her out if he needs to.
  When things get out of control, they realize that the rogues may be the least of their worries, and they are going to have to see eye to eye in order to get rid of the impending threat.

Argentum was a nice touch to create a dramatic effect of silver. If someone who didn't know what argentum is, then it will be so interesting for them..  Love it
Rawiya13 Rawiya13 Jun 23, 2016
Great start. Very unique and draws the reader right in. 
                              If I had one thing to say, it would be that you need more showing details than telling. Don't tell the reader what they should see, just let them see it. It makes your story flow better
Rawiya13 Rawiya13 Jun 23, 2016
Alos, perhaps separate the flashback and the start of the story. The flashback could be the prologue to get a readers attention and then start the story with her waking.
                              Other than that, I did not see much else wrong
FusRohDead92 FusRohDead92 Sep 27, 2016
Finally, a werewolf story to believe in. I really like the idea of Glayde's character. A weak wolf rising to power makes for an amazing story that could possible lead to betrayal from others in his pack? Omg, I'm so excited to read this!
KermitQueen KermitQueen Jul 27, 2016
I was gonna write a sarcastic comment but id be the only one
randomsweetstuff randomsweetstuff Jun 22, 2016
It's so far not like every other werewolf book with a "rare" white wolf called Scarlett therefore I'm loving it!