Cold And Heartless Has A Mission

Cold And Heartless Has A Mission

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Lilith went to her boyfriend Jett's house to cook dinner for him and his slutty sister, Mira. They were sitting at the table when Jett said that he was moving in with Lilith and when Mira started screaming at her Lilith stood up and shot her three times.

Her and Jett left for the Damned headquarters and Lilith got her next mission.

His name is Lucifer Daemone and he is going to fall in love with Lilith and then do anything for her. That would be if he weren't gay.

The footy team convinces the stuck up posh school to merge with the delinquent school because they want lucifer to get in the hot new teachers pants. They then hold lucifer and Lilith hostage until he agrees to try and sleep with her ( although he's gay) and she is a long story. The delinquents then hold the guys holding lucifer and Lilith hostage because their leader wants Lilith and they wanna make some money. Lilith gets a hold of her company who quietly take the whole school hostage. Then the delinquents and the footy team to go to there base for a school field trip and they see Lilith withstanding extreme torture, she then puts them in the training facility. And lucifer still can't get out of the bet. 

Lilith: is an immortal who founded and runs the Damned. A society that takes males from society and trains them in different fields of life eg Jett is becoming a doctor. They acquire these people by making them fall in love with Lilith. This becomes important down the track because they think she is in danger and will do anything to help her. She has many characteristics from different creatures also. Also cold blooded assassin and murderer. 

There are four sectors. Two for the professions and two for the creatures. No female may walk the halls except Lilith herself and no one can or wants to escape. Because if they leave their soulmate will die and they will have nothing to do.

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