Dear Bailey #Wattys2016

Dear Bailey #Wattys2016

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Sarah White By SarahLWhite Completed

Bailey is taking her yearly flight to her father's house in Florida for the summer. When her plane gets delayed, she's forced to spend a few hours at an airport in the middle of nowhere. As a teenager traveling alone, she knows it's best not to talk to strangers-but what if he's in uniform and really cute?

Lucas is traveling alone to Florida to report for duty. His decision to join the Marines might have been impulsive, but he's learning really fast his career with the Marines will involve a lot of "hurry up and wait." He's not interested in making small talk with any other tired travelers-but what if he just can't help but learn her name?

When Bailey agrees to give Lucas her email address after a few hours together in an airport in the middle of nowhere, they'll learn that a lot can happen between "Dear Baily" and "Love, Lucas."

This will be a short YA story.

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rolend4perry rolend4perry Dec 27, 2017
What's up with wattpad girls always biting their lips? I never done that even when I was nervous as hell, scared, or whatever feelings I had! None of my friends done this either!
WritingByKylee WritingByKylee Sep 04, 2017
Fourth time, still get the same butterflies in my chest for them ❤️
AylaSpeaks AylaSpeaks Sep 07, 2017
                              September 7th 2017
                              I am so excited to read this SHORT 107 part story!! LMAO
butterflyinsideme butterflyinsideme Sep 03, 2017
Reads description sees this will be a short YA story
                              Scorlls down further sees 107 parts
gecko41 gecko41 Feb 27
This is crazy! My name is Bailey and I have a crush on someone named Lucas!i can't believe I found this story
Beach_Bum13 Beach_Bum13 Feb 16
Well Jeffrey Dahmer was a cute and charismatic one....just sayin'. Lol