Basket Case

Basket Case

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What happens when you wake up and suddenly your life has changed forever? When you're questioning your sanity and even your innocence? What if everything you worked so hard to build came crumbling down right in front of your eyes and the only one to blame was yourself? What could you do? How would you be able to rebuild a name for yourself? 

"You know what's funny Justin? You're so used to living in your own misery that you try your best to bring everyone down right along with you. Don't belittle me because the reflection you stare at everyday is corrupted by your own insanity," I replied, fixing my hair into a ponytail. "I know who I am, and I know who I'm not and nothing you can say will ever change that."

He chuckled lightly and ran his fingers through his brown hair. 

"Blinded by your own stupidity I see. You can't change some people. No, they just continue to see the world as this perfect place where mistakes will be forgotten. Not this one. You're a murderer, you're a monster, and you're a criminal," he ended, sparking up another match to bring his cigarette to life.

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Brie_Bear Brie_Bear Aug 31
Look at you looking all professional *puts on reading glasses* My teddy bear is sounding like a lawyer. *smiles and crosses legs*