Jeremike Lemon OneShots

Jeremike Lemon OneShots

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smut dad By j-jesse Updated Nov 20

BC yeS


You can request a scenario if you want~

Anything for you perverted readers I lovE YOU ALL

aight bye


Tight walls, that's not always a sign of virginity, but I'm guessing Mike doesn't know that. There are those who stay tight even after several rounds.
Sensitive eh? Like this? *thrusts cattle iron* R U SENSITIVE TOO?
Ah, there's nothing like reading Jeremike Lemons while listening to "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" by Set It Off...
Jeremy: oh well... Fûck me sideways!!    Richard: Holy shît did he really just say that? Does he mean it?! XD
Alfacanon Alfacanon Jun 29
What about a time when Jeremy is the one dominant. Omg it's official, I am crazy
//H-Hey! This was supposed to b-be a secret. Wh-who told you?  #~#•