Pursuing The North Star

Pursuing The North Star

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Her demise began when soldiers mistook her for a mystical Paladin.

Her love life began as she became the Dark Kingdom's prisoner.

Sena was an ordinary citizen of the Light Kingdom. A place where citizens smile and laugh every morning and night. Protected by their ever beautiful Empress and warmed by the sun, how could they not be happy every moment?

Except for Sena, the ever loyal head of maids for the Light Empress. Sure, she loves how safe her Kingdom is, but why does every one have to be happy every waking moment?! Can't they be upset at least one moment in their lives?!

She wanted a change. But being kidnapped by the Dark Kingdom because they suspect she's a Paladin isn't what she had in plan. 

Being courted by the Dark King's Knights is also another thing she didn't have planned. Unfortunately for Sena the knights have no idea how to court. So, for now she has to play along until finding an escape and hope rejecting none of the knights will end her.


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pink1268 pink1268 Oct 25
Just a theory (maybe plot twist )but what if she was the child born of light and dark cause she seems like an anomaly to both kingdoms .... I'm probably going to be completely wrong as I read more
DeedsReads DeedsReads Sep 20, 2016
I agree with her..it's easier to smile after more sleep and a couple of naps
rakasha20 rakasha20 Jun 15, 2016
I like it! It's so interesting and not ... How do you say it... It's original !
AlexSahadeo AlexSahadeo Dec 09, 2016
She crushed it with her hand! Man she's got guts. I would've thrown a book at it and hoped for the best😂😂😂😂😂
angsietys angsietys Nov 17, 2015
Amah-zhing~ just a question, will the two female knights try to woo her too? OoO
AsMuchAsIWish AsMuchAsIWish Nov 14, 2015
That'd b cool if she turned out to be one of the light people thing and just didn't know it.