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Sex Lessons From Draco Malfoy (Dramione)

Sex Lessons From Draco Malfoy (Dramione)

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Mia👑 By Always_a_slytherin Completed

"Malfoy?" I repeated.

"Kiss me." He said, suddenly. "Might as well start now."

He looked at me expectantly, so full of desire, that I couldn't breathe for a moment. The emotion in Draco's eyes was something far different from the need I had grown used to seeing in Ron's eyes. Draco was looking at me like I was the only thing in the world that mattered at that very moment, his eyes devouring me hungrily as if they couldn't believe that I was really in front of him.

In spite of myself, I stepped further into his embrace, pressing a hand to his chest. His hand remained on my face, still but a whisper of a touch, as if afraid that if he pushed, this fragile moment would shatter beyond repair. I stared up at him, confused by his hesitation.

 These were just lessons, right? I was so used to kissing Ron that this was strange, what made it even stranger was that it was Malfoy I was going to kiss. His hand unconsciously drifted to my waist, and he pulled me closer gently, making it clear that this was my choice, and I could break the embrace if I wished.

His face came closer to mine, slowly but steadily, and it stopped just centimeters from mine. He was so close now, that I could see a faint scar on his lower lip. If I just moved my head a bit...


When Ron cheats on Hermione because she won't satisfy him sexually, Hermione makes a deal with Draco Malfoy that will change her life forever, for better ...or worse.


Now in editing by SirenSong55
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Cover by @CupcakeTheAuthor

Could you do a quick wedding then a honeymoon with some extra smutty scenes
Can you send me or post the unedited version this one is ok but I liked the other one better
TFerron1 TFerron1 Dec 21, 2016
@Always_A_Slythein  Hi BFF, Your story is GREAT the way it is already written. Maybe I am the only one who feels that way but I will still re-read it as much as I want because it is a GREAT story.
Dramoine_malfoy Dramoine_malfoy Dec 22, 2016
It's alright to make the story much better, much hotter, much fluffy but less drama I reckon.... Good thing