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pho·bi·a         [foh-bee-uh]         (n.)
a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.
Scott has autophobia. Fear of loneliness.
Avi has mysophobia. Fear of germs.
Kevin has glossophobia. Fear of speaking, mostly in public.
Kirstin has haphephobia. Fear of being touched.
Mitch has anthropophobia. Fear of people.
They all thought something was wrong with them. Until they arrived in a certain school.
There, everyone has a phobia. But soon enough, something put everything at stake...
Their fears may not have taken everything away from them, have they ?

• triggers warning: panic attacks •

You're lucky. I thought I only had arachnophobia, turns out I didn't. I just hate spiders. Then I thought I was scared of dogs, again, turns out I didn't, I just hate dogs. But now I'm positive I have glossophobia and I'm terrified of people raising their voices at me.
I don't really know what panic attacks are. I sort of do. I don't have them though I don't think. I just start crying like crazy and am desperate to just get out of there as fast as possible
Nah, you could not follow the rules and still pretty much be correct considering the fact that we don't even follow our own rules a good amount of the time.
Well, you have great English! Better English then a lot of people!
I have slight arachnophobia, major gelotophobia (fear of being made fun of), and atelophobia (fear of being forgotten or ignored/not good enough). Gelotophobia is the worse for me, I'm so scared of being made fun of that I'll change my entire personality for one person just to fit in.
Bumble213 Bumble213 Apr 11
I have ommetaphobia (fear of eyes) and it's really bad, although I've never known someone else with this phobia. They make me feel sick and I always panic. This also ties in with my slight Trypophobia (fear of holes) and Scopophobia (fear of being watched).