A Dragon's Mate

A Dragon's Mate

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Melaina Blunt By redvamp63 Completed

Gajeel has always felt something for the blue haired mage, even after their first fateful meeting. But how did these two end up together? Read and find out! Lemons inside, you have been warned!

Hey guys, it's my first Fairy Tail story, so be nice!

Gajeel and Levi

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                              I read like, nothing od=f this so far but it's so well written!!!
                              I luv it, amazing wording and all that bull.
I think Levi should be a bit more worried about being seen by his fangirls... 😂
MeAndGaara MeAndGaara May 24
Ye exersisum sounds great now how wants to go get him bring him here and strap him Down so we can do it anyone 
                              No ok then that's why he dident ge one unles you think you can take him on.
Nooo wtf are you doing gajeel??? She is your freaking future wife
I need my holy water brb.
                              Back. I srrsly took a sip of this random bottle of holy water we have lol
                              I FEEL CLEANSED
That's not how you spell Levy. I'm triggered. That's not how you spell Levy.