Driving Myself Insane (Original)

Driving Myself Insane (Original)

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Alexia By ilikemychoices Completed

"Every girl has three guys in her life: The one she loves, the one she hates, and the one she can't live without. But in the end, they're all the same guy." ~Unknown

Katherine Blakeslee hated Colby Tozier; or so she thinks. However, she had to deal with his stupid jokes, annoying smile, and horrible pranks each and every day because Colby's cousin happened to be her best friend. She convinced herself that she hated his very existence, that if they were together on a cliff, she'd push him off at the first chance. Until the day things changed. Until the day he showed his true feelings to her...Until the day he kissed her. Katherine soon finds herself dealing with denial, enemies, exes, and mixed feelings. Can Katherine forgive Colby for all those years of torture he'd given her when she ends up having those mixed feelings for him?

Based off the song My Dilemma by Selena Gomez.

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that_one_kiddo that_one_kiddo Apr 10, 2016
Holy duck ;) this is really good and it's this 1st chapter. Great job on this story
dreamsbane dreamsbane Feb 16, 2015
I like this so far! Reminds me of my crush. I mine minus the teasing and hating him part. He's just a big flirt who thinks he can get what he wants by flashing his blue eyes. lmao 
skipabbeat skipabbeat Jan 26, 2015
I love Katherine she is awesome. I have a feeling the kiss will happen at the party.
Musicalme1998 Musicalme1998 Jan 06, 2015
I'm gonna try and get away with using this next time I spill on someone
frostydia frostydia Dec 23, 2014
i really like your book.. its awesome even though i havent read it yet, somehow i find it strange to read with imagine names, i prefer the real one.  im so forgetful that i have to look the cast everytime i read.
teamgay teamgay Jan 12, 2014
I really dislike Lolena, but this looks really good. Props to a good description, most of the fanfic for Celebs I like include cheesy plots but this looks good, as said.