Dumb Exo Fanfic Moments

Dumb Exo Fanfic Moments

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❆exo saved 2k18❆ By chenfetti Updated Jun 02, 2016

legit dumb af things nearly all EXO stories have.

*please don't read this please don't read this please don't read this*

I wrote this when I FIRST got into kpop meaning the cringe will be real unless you yourself are cringeworthy hoe

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and when they introduce with their screen names on an au ff where they're not idols omg
Mayang-yannie Mayang-yannie Oct 12, 2017
I read this one exo fanfic where they are wolves and the author decided it was a great idea giving them Nick names for all not using their real names which got me confused af and I have to look back previous chaps who is who bc she write out who has that Nick name
OkeyDokeyZico OkeyDokeyZico Nov 21, 2017
NCT is even worse... Imagine if someone did a P101 S2 fanfic. BRB, just gotta introduce 98 people!
Mayang-yannie Mayang-yannie Oct 12, 2017
U right, I try to avoid it and skip it but my brain choses to read it and I'm like God I don wanna waste my time for this
gaycasisyaycas gaycasisyaycas Mar 02, 2016
it takes a lot to offend me so it's chill!!!!
                              also I find this book to be tru af and funny as hell so don't worry friend!!!
baekmetochurch- baekmetochurch- Nov 28, 2016
she was probably sending smut fanfic recommendations to obama in the emails tbh