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Sweet Blood Love Bite (BTS Jimin Fanfic feat. Taehyung)

Sweet Blood Love Bite (BTS Jimin Fanfic feat. Taehyung)

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지민 ♡ 빈 By JiminxBin Updated Jun 05

Vampires exist! 
It's not just a legend like you see in movies or in books, it's real. 
Currently vampires live among the human. They are much faster, strongern and they drink human's blood to survive. You may not believe me and think that I'm crazy  but I "Kim Soo Min" will prove and show the human the truth behind this curle world! I also expected a boy in my class, he just moved to seoul and is a quiet guy. His name is "Park Ji Min".  I don't like his stare...the way he stares at me is he wants to eat me up...
But because of my stupid suspecion I get myself in trouble! Since I broke a 10000,000,000 Won wine bottle in a night club I end up be a housemaid for the owner of the night cub. I have to work for him until I pay all the costs for that stupid wine bottle. But when I know who the onwer is I want to bite my tongue and just die, it's Park Jimin, my classmate. I have to live with him because I'm his housemaid and he tells so ㅠㅁㅜ But it's ok, it's actually really good~
Now I can prove and show everyone about his face behind that mask!
Park Jimin! Get ready!

_mytaebae_ _mytaebae_ Sep 04, 2016
Why do I feel like it's gonna be lowkey her mom mmmm probably just me
KelvianeV KelvianeV Oct 23, 2016
Wow. I loved it. I'll continue to read your book. Your writing impressed me.  ❤
kimsohyun1310 kimsohyun1310 Nov 15, 2016
Monkey!!!hahahahha ot remins me of one of my friend..not my friend but my classmate...his face looks like a monkey!!!
multifandomlove_ multifandomlove_ Nov 15, 2015
I'm excited for this fanfic 
                              Wait........................................................... Jungkook is a werewolf???