Shy (Les Twins BoyxBoy One Shot)

Shy (Les Twins BoyxBoy One Shot)

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LTFanBelle By LTFanBelle Updated Jun 22, 2016

Laurent POV
Larry and I was watching tv and just chillin. We had a couple days off from our workshops and from working so much, we decided to take a break. Larry was so happy and so was i, but its just that i have really strong feelings for him. And he doesnt know it. Sometimes he kind of wonders why im so distant from him and not talking as usual. Well i would tell him that i love him but its just so hard and if i tell him....who knows what he will say. I had strong feelings for him for a long time now and i dont know if i should tell him or not. Larry is so sweet, gentle , kind and sexii, i love him so much, its just so unbearable. We were watching a movie called White Chicks and we saw a funny part and larry laughed, but i just died inside. His laugh gives me life and ughhh i cant take it anymore. He needs to know my love for him and i much i care for him, but im just so..scared.  

Larry: Hey Lau?

Lau: *still thinking to himself*

Larry: Lau??

Laurent: *shakes himself from his th...

bluebunny6060 bluebunny6060 Aug 19, 2016
I thought the pizza was gonna be there in 30 minutes. It hasn't even been 1 minute yet
maribooperez maribooperez Feb 03, 2016
He basically called himself ugly. They're identical twins😕😂. My bad, wrong timing😯
bluebunny6060 bluebunny6060 Aug 19, 2016
That reminds of an interview they had on a show called Beyond the Talent and Larry said "Her voice is so sexy"
klestwins klestwins Nov 18, 2015
i really love shy laurent! he is soooo cute  and i think lau is trully a littel bit shy in real life ! :) hi is so sweet and larry bear too !