Forcefully Yours

Forcefully Yours

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Rani By witty_bun Updated Apr 11, 2017

"You. Have. To. Marry. Me.. whether willingly or forcefully." He spoke through gritted teeth 

Kanika closed her eyes to bare the pressure on her wrist. It was just too much now, this arrogant control freak jerk was making her life fall apart.. she can't let him do that. 

"No, I Will Not. Everything can't be always your way Mr Kapoor. Bloody leave my hand. "

Trying to calm his raging temper, he inhaled a long breath and placed his lips  on her ears, " I always get what I want sweetheart and you are the very beginning of all my desires. So next time don't push the thin line that am already on. You are going to be mine.. if not by choice then be it Forcefully. Forcefully Mine. ".. and with that he bit her earlobe making her yelp 


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rosytae- rosytae- Mar 06
well...she should be scared, if i am in her situation i will be very uneasy and cranky when thinking of something bad.
rosytae- rosytae- Mar 06
i'm fond of that type of story and you said it will be different then others than i surely going to read it.
deeplypeculiar deeplypeculiar Apr 11, 2017
I love laddoo .My moms obessed with Indian food but am not complaining it tastes niccceeeeee
biya02 biya02 Mar 03, 2017
Wooooww wat a prologue
                              I love these kind of story bad boy shy girl amaaziiinnnng
37SpreadYourwings 37SpreadYourwings Oct 07, 2016
I love that type of story. ...and you said it will be different then others than i surely going to read it
KimRogue KimRogue Feb 26, 2017
The girl in the picture and the girl you're describing are completely different