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Moments that only Introverts will understand

Moments that only Introverts will understand

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Muriël By NEVERMIND_tomorrow Updated Jul 25, 2016

Not a fandom this time but a group of people. This book is filled with moments that only introverts, like me, can relate to. Hope you can relate! Have fun reading! :-)

FrozenKate14 FrozenKate14 4 days ago
ALL THE TIME!! Like don't disturb me when I'm in my happy zone.
*reading book* 
                              Stranger: "Oh hhhheeeyyy! Whatcha' reading???" 
                              Friends: "Oh No." 
                              Me: *Glares at person* 
                              *Slams book shut and storms of angrily*
Me: *sitting down doing nothing*
                              Me: Ok nobody has talked to me so *starts reading a book*
                              Some Peasant: OMG YOU LIKE TO READ?
                              Peasant: WHAT ARE YOU READING?
gori_mess gori_mess Jun 26
Ever gotten yelled at in the middle of an English course for reading a book...i mean... I understand that reading isn't what we're doing right then but...c'mon! They've gotta understand!
Fatimaeshaal Fatimaeshaal Jul 19, 2016
OMG YES!!!! Every time I open a book, I'm so comfortable and cosy and then.....
                              SOME IDIOT MUGGLE DECIDES RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT TO TALK TO ME AND TELL ME TO DO SOMETHING!!!! It annoys me so much....
Sparkleworks94 Sparkleworks94 Mar 28, 2016
This always happens to me because I'm somewhat normal so I read before class and people at my table are just like "why are you reading? Why don't you talk to people" I just ignore them