Flashbacks and Apologies

Flashbacks and Apologies

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Shagun Gupta By messyfirstdraft Updated Feb 28, 2016

A heartfelt story that follows the everyday life of a young girl, Mohika Garg, as she finds herself hopelessly falling in love with a boy named Jyran. 

Despite being forbidden to date, Mohika couldn't help but fall for the same brown eyes that once were both her admirer and foe, her best friend and boyfriend. However, a year after her break up, Mohika had yet to mend the broken pieces of her severed heart as Jyran's no longer beats for her. 

"Forgive and forget," they said. But they failed to explain how, especially when there was nothing to forgive and nothing that could be forgotten. He hadn't done anything wrong and neither had she. 

Though in retrospect, perhaps she had...

Recalling every moment that made her smile and the ones that forever engraved wounds onto her fragile heart, Mohika decided to write down her regrets in the form of apologies as her final attempt to find closure and in hopes of starting over. 

This is the story of the five stages of Mohika's everlasting bona fide love, a story she desperately wishes to leave behind in the past.

Flashbacks and Apologies
❝Here's to the past.❞


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