That Ghost Beside Me | SugAe

That Ghost Beside Me | SugAe

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"I love you Suga as a fangirl but after I knew that you were the one who killed me, there is no way I could ever forgive you. I will not be the ANGEL you always knew. But even af---"

"I love you Jiae. I never knew that I am the reason that these things happened. You will always be my ANGEL. You are the ANGEL that loves to scare people. That Ghost Beside Me became the person I hate and love. Thank you...for giving me the reason to treasure my life"

This is my 1st Fanfic

Main Characters:

Min "Suga" Yoongi (BTS)
Yoo Jiae (Lovelyz)
Kim Taehyung (BTS)
Jeon Wonwoo (Seventeen)
Joy (Red Velvet)

Date Started: November 15, 2015
Date Ended: September 19, 2016


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Thank you guys so much

-lovelyzlinus -lovelyzlinus May 18, 2016
Oohh.. Jiae was a ghost and she didn't even realized it. Please continue this story💕
InfLyz_izzati InfLyz_izzati May 17, 2016
OMG ! So good!! Ji Ae Ghost jjang and why Rap Mon glance at Suga? Curious i will continue read!!