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My Runt, Mine (BoyxBoy)

My Runt, Mine (BoyxBoy)

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Joy8ells By Joy8ells Updated Apr 14, 2016

Ace had a difficult childhood, being a runt does that to you, so does having an ability you may call a curse. Thankfully all that hard time was put to an end when he found his mate, a very possessive Alpha called Ty.
Basically just an incredible fluffy and cute story portraying Ace and Ty's life.
This IS a:
BoyxBoy/Gay love story, if you clicked this accidentally, HIT THE BACK BUTTON GO! You can do it!

I thought it said "I'm always horny." Oh dear Lord, please excuse my dirty thoughts. Who am I kidding? I'm going to hell anyway. 😀😀
Jimin4eva Jimin4eva Mar 06, 2016
Ermygerd this suchlike an adorable book wncumimombrcexwxrcubinomonubyv
I just realized his name is Ace, even though it has been mentioned before....
                              My dogs name is Ace tbh and he is no little thing, he is a huge dog
lolololkki lolololkki Dec 02, 2016
I'm in my family room and I just made a pterodactyl / squeaking noise from the cuteness GFZHJKMMMJJJJJJJJJJK and my Dad just looked at me and told he wasen't even going to ask.
Could tame lion and bring down armies? Wow I need him for world war  III
imhavinganosebleed2 imhavinganosebleed2 Mar 10, 2016
~ cough cough ( dieing ) ~ my last words are ~ cough cough ~  Ace is soooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!