Switching sides

Switching sides

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The Serpantking By serpantking Updated Apr 26, 2016

P.O.V. Cinder

I sighed as I walked into a room. This building was were me and the others met up to discuss business. When I walked in I saw that Roman, Neo, Mercury, and Emerald where already here.

I then sighed as I saw Roman looking a little nervous. "Roman I haven't even treated you yet. Why are you so on edge?" I asked looking at him. When I asked this I got the most unexpected answer.

"W-well Cinder it's just that we received a message from some of the white fang members about  a local gang who's been causing some problems for us." He said looking at me.

"Then dispose of them. What's so hard about that Roman?" I asked looking at him.

"Well it's the leader of this gang. I believe you've met him before. The two men that we have interrogated have confirmed that the leader of this group is [Name]." Roman said looking at me. I then sighed and sat down.

[Name] . . . my brother huh? Well he may be younger than me but he certainly is capable than I am at the moment. I have four capa...

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GarryVegas GarryVegas Mar 29
Called it 
                              It's kinda like something I read in a book......i forgot the name...
GarryVegas GarryVegas Mar 29
Hehehe you know.....i actually have something for you.......ITS A KNIFE IN YOUR CHEST!
you see my gang is full of saiyans so that is why you are having a tough time
don't worry we will make you a better warrior and more than a side character.
                              Vegeta: stop breaking the wall
GarryVegas GarryVegas Mar 29
Does he mean like gunning down an other gang or.....some business where we need to be formal?
                              I still dig it if it is neither.....