Sweet love (Draco x reader)

Sweet love (Draco x reader)

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Harry Potter By dracoxreader Updated Aug 16

Your a beautiful girl, who's heart has been broken by your ex hufflepuff boyfriend who cheated on you. The next year you didn't want to date until you fell hopelessly in love with a certain white haired slytherin.. Also known has Draco Malfoy. Your best friend being non other than Hermione Granger who try's to help and support your relationship not caring that you both are Slytherin. Read how Draco's father and little sister torture you with Voldemort. Making you forget your love and trying to take your power, hating that you lived in the muggle world.. Read how new students try to break you two up just so they can steal you both for there self.. Read this difficult love story that ends beautifully..

WARNING- strong language 

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter! Are any characters in this story! All rights go to the author of Harry Potter. This story is made up from my imagination.

My made up characters.

Torious Malfoy. Also known has Tori for short. (Draco's little sister.)

Estelle Glee. A girl who try's and maybe successes to steal Draco from you.

Tobias Larèe. A boy who has the hots for you badly. Even tricks you into drinking a love potion. 

Ophelia Martèe  she's a surprise is all I'm giving out.

Hogwarts is one word and there doesn't need to be a capital W because that isn't hoe it was spelt
Omg he's smiling and looking at me?
                              Two things Draco Malfoy would never, ever do...
                              At least I think.
Iroas_Omega Iroas_Omega 5 days ago
I like draco but i hate it when he smiles. He looks Riddukulus.
Iroas_Omega Iroas_Omega 5 days ago
Im a Gryffinclaw...but slytherin's fine? If im not evil, that would be appreciated.
"ex boyfriend" 
                              *cough*since when am I straight?*cough*
Iroas_Omega Iroas_Omega 5 days ago
Hermione is the best friend that every hogwarts student longs to have