James Potter's Durmstrang Twin: Marauders/Remus Lupin Fanfic

James Potter's Durmstrang Twin: Marauders/Remus Lupin Fanfic

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Hi!!! My name is Oswin Christina Potter. Yup, you heard right. I'm the twin of the famous James Potter. I have brown hair and bright blue eyes. However, I'm famous at my own school. No, I don't go to Hogwarts. I am the only girl at Durmstrang, the wizarding school in Bulgaria. I play on their Quidditch team as the Keeper, and I love pranking, so I tend to do subtle pranks when I'm not at the school. There, I am prank crazy, and friends with all the guys. Unfortunately, I am also part Veela, which can be annoying in a school full of boys, but they know not to try anything. The last guy who did ended up in St. Mungo's for almost the entire year. I also have a dragon friend Laelynn, who's name means hope. When I touched her when she was first born out of her golden egg, she turned my palm of my left hand a brilliant silver, which I have to hide under a glove, and gave me the ability to do magic without a wand. I have also mastered non-verbal spells. Anyway, I just found out I will be going to Hogwarts for the last two years of my education, meaning I get to see my twin and do some pranking! Yay! I will be riding Laelynn there, and we will definitely make an entrance, especially into the Great Hall. We have a whole routine worked out where I will be the main part of the big finale. Can't wait to make an impression! My brother has written to me and told me he found some great prankers, let's see if they live up to my standards. 

I only own my characters and storyline. Any other characters belong to their creators, and other similarities are not meant as copyright infringement, only inspiration and fanfiction.

There will be some drama between Remus Lupin and Oswin Potter when they finally get together. I may or may not have them not tell the others about them for a while, but I'm not sure yet. I hope you like it!!

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Kymma4 Kymma4 Jun 06
Am I the only one who realised EVERY wizard can do wandless magic. 
                               I mean that's kind of the whole "you're a wizard Harry" mojo
This is like a Persassy leveled Dragon....
                              I LOVE IT
SPCMS05 SPCMS05 Apr 15
Guess she had a little more luck with her dragon then Hagrid did, right?
jazlynlouise jazlynlouise Aug 11, 2016
What's so dangerous about a bloody rabbits?
                              Its got teeth that new through your flesh 
Geek-Girl-4Ever Geek-Girl-4Ever Jun 08, 2016
The main girl a d the dragon remind me of my sister. It's awesome!
HPandDivergent HPandDivergent Jul 04, 2016
Is everyone going to ignore the fact that Igor Karkaroff is the Headmaster in Harrys fourth year and probably around the same age as Snape and the Marauders