Secret Bitch: TRUTH (Part 2)

Secret Bitch: TRUTH (Part 2)

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Aja. By AjaSuNyia Updated Apr 02, 2016

Well, a lot has happened to the main character, Diamond, in the first book, but now she has so much more ahead of her. Her bestfriend Des, is dead, her sister Antice escaped the shootout, and Jay was reunited with his long-lost little sister, Malasia. If you think that you still have not seen the true colors of some of the characters, then in Part 2: TRUTH, you definitely will, not to mention the number of new characters that will come along as well. 

But here are some things you should expect: Malasia is glad to be reunited with her brother, but she's not very fond of Diamond. Bryson is spending most of his time seeking for Dave, the murderer of his first love, Des. What are Antice and Dave up to? Diamond will indeed see her mother again, and not much positivity will come with it. Malasia will tell her story about her disappearance for so many years. But most of all: will the relationship that developed between Jay and Diamond, which got her involved in all this drama in the first place last? 

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I must warn you, if you have not read the first Secret Bitch, you may be lost. You can go on my profile and read it.

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ChanelleFox ChanelleFox Jun 22, 2017
They gon get caught up, bet antice gon snitch cuz she the only one that got away
_chiefmissa_ _chiefmissa_ Apr 24, 2016
Bruhh. How ironic. I just realized. All the hoe's name is Malasia. Sometimes spelled differently. Even in my book.
_chiefmissa_ _chiefmissa_ Apr 24, 2016
She hella lucky to have someone like him............ I'm jealous.