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Wincest Smut One-Shots

Wincest Smut One-Shots

115K Reads 2.4K Votes 33 Part Story
Literal Shipping Trash By DarkAngelHeart556 Updated Feb 27

A series of one shots involving Dean and Sam. 
Comment any ideas you may have, and I'll try to turn them into a story.
-in case you don't know, smut means sex. Some of it might be hard core, I don't know yet.

(None of the stories will be mine unless I specify it.)

*trying to deny that i ship it* i dont ship it... Dont give me that look.....i don....*continues to read the story* Damnit. fine i ship it. *fails at denying it immensely*
i have an exam and i reading smut ohmy what has my life turned into again. i thought o was done with this. guess not. whoopsies.
I never thought I would say this, but... I SHIP IT. At first I was a bit uncomfortable, because, y'know, they're brothers, so it was weird, but then I started reading this and I was like "it's so wrong, but it feels so good". So, yep, now I'm officially going to Hell.
As a bisexual girl, I found that last sentence extremely hot.
So I just figured out how much of a slut I am for Sam fracking dean, and dean putting a vibrator/his fingers up sams àss.
I started laughing so hard, bad thing I'm in a room full of my family. I had to make up some b s excuse for laughing