A Little Kitten Named Neko

A Little Kitten Named Neko

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Christiana Maddelyn Johnson ( Pseudonym) By XxCleverFoxxX Updated Aug 26, 2016

James and Neko are twin kittens. After James discovers Neko is gay, he wants to help protect his brother from their homophobic parents. While James is helping Neko, he slowly falls in love with him. Will Neko fall in love with James too? Or will their brotherly friendship be forever ruined?

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I honestly don't care I mean if someone loves their sibling go for it fûck the haters
pixeypenny pixeypenny Aug 26, 2016
Is it pronounced neck oh or neek oh. I can never remember....
Allyahlisious Allyahlisious Feb 27, 2016
Swiggity swoggity im ready for dat booty, when your name is on the clock get ready for da cock😈
JackLupis JackLupis Aug 25, 2016
Going back to re-read this awesome book for the hundredth time
Just_My_Death Just_My_Death Dec 12, 2016
Mika-Kun33 Mika-Kun33 Jan 23
Incest is twincest ❤💚💙💛💜💚
                              And its beutyfull