twitter [j.b]  {MAJOR EDITING}

twitter [j.b] {MAJOR EDITING}

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d.f. By deannafuentes Completed

By @deannafuentes

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pickfox pickfox Dec 18, 2016
Tell the people that are following you to follow pick fox okay.
ambrieslopez ambrieslopez Dec 23, 2016
I basically pay part of his checks so? Does that mean I somehow pay his rent which in someway means I own his house? Yes, yes it does.
awkwardpuppets awkwardpuppets 6 days ago
Bish it is important to add the hashtags #Beliebers #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards in your tweets. 
                              Well this is a great opportunity for promotion. Don't forget to vote for beliebers for the best fan army for iheartawards bitches
YarinMaximoff YarinMaximoff Dec 01, 2016
Me trying to text celebrities 😂 they still haven't answered me
awkwardpuppets awkwardpuppets 6 days ago
Jaebum is a K-Pop idol guys 😂 I came for my boy Justin so no problem
Why didn't anyone figure out that this was a Justin bieber story  I am dead lmfao