Gray X Reader: My Protector (Wattys2016)

Gray X Reader: My Protector (Wattys2016)

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Ash J. Ramirez By CupcakesandCupcakes Updated Mar 10

The guild was silent for a few seconds. "(Y/N)!" Gray yelled as he ran over to (Y/N)'s illusion which was battered on the floor her eyes closed. "Wake up! I'm begging you!" He yelled. He looked over at Wendy Desperately. "Please! Try help her!" Wendy nodded slightly but Cana shook her head 
"I'm sorry Gray. (Y/N) took direct hit's from everyone's magic, in order for Wendy to heal (Y/N) she would have to heal her body then revive her. It's too much for Wendy. Wendy could get ill and hurt!" Carla says. 

Gray doesn't argue with that. The last thing he wants is Wendy to get hurt. "(Y/N)! Please I'm begging you... wake up!" Gray yells. Tears poured down his face, he didn't care who could see him cry. All that mattered was the fact that they had hurt (Y/N). 
"Gray... I think she's gone..." Guildarts says walking over to both Gray and (Y/N). 

The real (Y/N) was trying desperately to do what she could to make them see sense, but she couldn't do anything. She was invisible and she has been silenced. Every yell, every scream meant nothing. And every time she tried to jump in front of anyone it wouldn't work. 

"No!" Gray yells "How could you say that! She's (Y/N), she's not dead! She can't be dead." He says. 
"Gray stop! It's over!" Cana says tears pouring down her face. 

- Chapter 18 : Venture
 **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ***
(Y/N) is a celestial Dragon slayer, she is the only celestial Dragon slayer there is.

 Dragon slayer magic is hard to find but espescially when its Celestial magic.

Being a Celestial Dragon slayer she uses her keys and also her Dragon powers.

This makes (Y/N) very valuable, and on the run from a dark guild she previously was in when she comes across a certain someone.

Can this ice mage protect (Y/N) from harm?

Espescially when (Y/N) holds the power to destroy everything if it all goes wrong.

All it takes is one mistake. And forbidden dark celestial  keys.

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Awww i wanted to be a sky dragon slayer but i guess wendy already took it😣
Yeah he's cute and all but really...when I'm coming from a forced marriage situation, telling me I have no choice with stuff seems wrong
EyePatchz EyePatchz Mar 30, 2017
I may be the only one but...
                              BYRAAAAAAAAAAAN XD
                              I love Madea
Hell no, I don't know who you are but I'm not going with you! I'm too beautiful to get married!
rofodophilious rofodophilious May 16, 2017
Why am I reading this? I don't like Gray, and I hate [Character] x Reader stories o.o....
storm_raven storm_raven Apr 19, 2017
Okay that's isn't completely and totally creepy or anything!! Frick off 'Bryan'!!