The Alpha's Angel

The Alpha's Angel

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Rosemary White is a orphan. She was found in the woods late on a falls night. No one knew where she came from. It was like she appeared into thin air. Two months old she was adopted by Mrs. Louse. 17 years later she is a beautiful young lady and smart. Yet, she has no friends. No one likes her but she has a passion for dance too.

Seth William is a werewolf. A alpha at that. He is strong powerful and looking for his mate. He and his pack just moved to Alabama. At the start of the school year. He is very popular and every girl's dream. He's also a good Quarterback and team captain. 

What would happen if they where mates? Or if she is a angel and doesn't know it? Or if she is a dark angel and has a secret destiny to save the world? But the biggest question is who is rose's parents?????

  • alpha
  • angel
  • dancer
  • football
  • singer
  • tall
  • tiny
EphemeralDreams EphemeralDreams Mar 01, 2016
I love the idea you have!!! Can't wait to see what happens!! Try to edit just a little to make reading smoother, I love that song!!!
sehersalah sehersalah Sep 12, 2016
Why does she call her mom Mrs. Louse and not mom if she was adopted as a baby?
SuperMegaSum SuperMegaSum May 11, 2016
Am I the only one imagining a wolf literally jumping up and down in joy and saying MATE like a 5 year old getting offered a Hersey bar?
                              No? Okay...
Dyeni_5 Dyeni_5 Sep 24, 2016
Mrs.?? Isn't she a Miss.? Unless you're telling us something 'wink' 'wink'😉😉