The Love Fighter

The Love Fighter

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Cover By: Kenzella 

Cover art By: Kristel the Capper

    Jonathan Voohees finally starts school. He'd been home schooled most of his life, therefore he is really nervous.

  At school he meets the 2 that will fight over him for some time until he chooses who he wants.

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- - Oct 22, 2017
“He looked asian” uh... that’s not a way to describe a random person that looks asian, but is not, but ok.
dani1948 dani1948 Jun 27, 2017
Jason this is your mother talking to you, give the mask to grandson and come to mommy...
DrunkoDoggo DrunkoDoggo May 15
I hate when people want only to be friends with a popular/beautiful/rich person.
Tomboyz51ghostlord Tomboyz51ghostlord Apr 06, 2016
Yea if my dad was famous and kids realized that id be going "Uhhhhhhhhhhhh...." *walks away slowly then starts running till I loose sight of people.* THEY CANT KNOW!!!!
VaniriousShipper VaniriousShipper Feb 24, 2016
Damn inside voices. My teacher uses the phrase indoor instead of inside
segajr15 segajr15 Nov 15, 2015
keep up the good work and ill be waiting for the updates ^-^