Bound by Spirit - Completed

Bound by Spirit - Completed

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QueenOfBeasts By QueenOfBeasts Completed

An unlikely trio, a werewolf, a vampire and a decendant of fallen angels are bound by fate to be brothers not of blood but in spirit. These three "brothers" find themselves drawn to a small town in the State of Washington. Why do they have a pressing need to go to this small town? What will happen?

Book 1 - Bound by Spirit

Please Vote and Comment and love to get some feedback. There will not be many author notes as I feel they disrupt the flow of the book when reading.

Mature Content - Strong Sexual Content - Some Language - Some Violence but nothing too Gory

Starting at Chapter 41 Wattpad has made some chapters private due to sexual content. You will have to follow me for those chapters but I will try to keep anything that is important to the plot from those chapters. If I can't I will do a recap of any pertinent details at the beginning of the first public chapter. That way you will only have to follow if you want to read the erotic scenes.

demonspath demonspath Nov 21, 2016
The list of rules was unnecessary and didn't work well with were the story was but I like it so far