Three Years, Five Months and Eleven Days

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Debby Martin never understood why Bethan Jones wanted to be her friend. At three years, five months and eleven days her elder she was way too beautiful and cool to like Debby. But it had always been them, so Debby just went along with it, disbelieving. Inseparable from Debby's birth, they pass their days in the small city of St. David's, in Wales. But when Beth's childhood friend Michael comes to spend the summer with them, Debby learns just how big an age gap three years, five months and eleven days really is.
    The first book in The Three Years Trilogy, a trilogy about friendship, love and heartbreak. Follow Debby, Michael and Beth over ten years as they grow up, learning on the way who they really are. With a book following each character, the three tell of different events that are important to them.
Hahahahahahaha Im going to read this cause my mothers name is Debby and ny fathers is Martin
I started reading this the other day. While the writing is good, i just couldn't get into the story. I'll put it aside for a while and try again later.
i really though at first that.debby would be the one to confess like she has something for nd not for michael..;D
                                    so interesting plot..
this should be published, have millions of copies sold, should be turned into a hit movie~ i'd read it, buy all the copies, and watch the movie every day!
I'm hooked. You deff caught my attention. It filled with a lot of emotion. I love fact how you keep the reader guessing what's going happen next, and curious what happened between the two of friends. I'm reading on. Great start.
it is a definite catch for the start. i mean we could easily feel the emotions lurking in there. and questions starts to build up on what happened? was there a betrayal? you just left us wanting to know more, great one. :)