Sakura's Twin Brother... What?

Sakura's Twin Brother... What?

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Eisse By SebastainsBlackRose Updated Aug 23, 2016

Soooooo... I'm Yoshi Haruno and I am Sakura's older twin brother by 2 hours. 

Ummm, there not much to say about me that I would want to tell you sooo. Yeah. You want to know more about me just read about me and my life in the story. 

Hope you like it. Happy reading.

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AnimooOtaku AnimooOtaku Jun 28
Let me just grab this knifu AND END SOME MOTHERFUCKING LIFUS!!!!!
Dont worry Duck ass,IM PLANNING SOMETHING *does Jungkooks jazz hands with an evil grin*
                              Friend: Why are we friends again
Idk if you noticed but he threatened to murder his sister.. like extreme illegal murder so idk maybe you two would get along talking about killing your siblings      v(-_-)v
sasukira24 sasukira24 Aug 15
Am i the only one who thinks hes like shuu from diabolik lovers? Please tell me im not alone....
AnimooOtaku AnimooOtaku Jun 28
Okay, first off it is not possible for Yoshi to develop ice nor shadow style natures. One, Ice style is only in Haku's clan and secondly shadow style is actually a mix of yang style and earth style. That is how the Nara use the Shadow Possession jutsus.
Ehhh what do you know, someone has been reading my mind *murmurs*
                              Sis: What ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!??
                              Me: nothing, im just saying *says what Yoshi said TO Sakura*
                              Sis: *paled* MOM, DAD I THINK MY SIS  IS A MURDERER