13 and Pregnant with The Bad Boy's Baby (BoyxBoy/Mpreg)

13 and Pregnant with The Bad Boy's Baby (BoyxBoy/Mpreg)

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*Insert name here* By DontKnowWhichWayToGo Updated Jun 06, 2013

Haii I'm Noah Dustin Spencer

I'm 13 I have light brown hair, Blue-ish green eyes and I'm openly gay My parents accepted me straight away and my sister well she told me she knew all along. LIES!!!!

I go to Alexandria High School I'm in year 7 so I'm the baby of the school well not really I have close friends in Year 12 so I'm all good we unless I'm stuck alone with Julian Dennett he is the bad boy the player and the man whore. 

Julian has black hair and breath taking blue eyes he is straight but apparently he has given a guy a blow job before but hey high school rumors aren't always true.

But apart from that Julian has his ways of making every girl sleep with him and well it's weird but I think Julian is trying to make me sleep with him he keeps sending me weird looks in class and just yesterday he grabbed my ass while I was at my locker. AWKWARD BONER!!!!

But anyway this is my story SO READ ON MY SEXY MOFO FOOL'S

 Love one and only Noah the sex Bomb Spencer xx

WolfBoy_015 WolfBoy_015 Apr 08
This whole chapter is what the inside of my head it like/inner commentaries are...
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Kellin can legit rape me and father my children and I wouldn't care
Chaton9121 Chaton9121 Apr 16, 2016
Is the cover Damn Fizzy on the top and Kellin Quinn on the bottom?? XD
Who are these people in this?!?! I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THEM BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!
keller202 keller202 Jan 12
Nice to meet u Noah I'm still in the closet and I haven't come out yet