in my veins | jason dilaurentis

in my veins | jason dilaurentis

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l i z By adoringyoongi Updated 4 days ago

❝you're in my veins and i cannot get you out.❞

in which a girl is forced to reconsider everything that went wrong in her life and finds herself unable to let go of the guy who caused it all to come crashing down. 

[season two]

binkerbops binkerbops 2 days ago
Boi my mom has hit me with a hanger before that is nothing 
                              Lol 😂
NukieGreen1 NukieGreen1 May 13
At least she's funny n I admire that she tries to make bad situations into great ones
I love how she's hating on Arabella for being in a stupid situation when she's the one who keeps shoving her tongue down her sister's boyfriends
Am I the only one to think of madea? I don't think I spelled it right but oh well
I hate everything about school except for my journalism class. Before it everything drags and after I want to go home
LivAndLove LivAndLove Jul 05, 2016
Wow that's a lot of words in a small amount of time! It's quality writing too, I love it!!