Working For Mr. Fioravanti [MATURE CONTENT]

Working For Mr. Fioravanti [MATURE CONTENT]

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beachpeach102 By beachpeach102 Updated Jul 10, 2017

Being a nanny is hard, especially when your boss is Daman Fioravanti.

While working as a nanny for someone who seems to be a normal boss, Valentina deals with a lot more than babysitting.

CONTENT WARNING: There are mature chapters in this story and some of those chapters have been published as private by wattpad so you'll have to follow me to read those!


"Do you want me to stop?" he spoke in a raspy tone.

"No." I spoke a little too quickly.

"Well then, I guess we can agree on that. How long have you been waiting for this to happen?" he stopped looking up at me with a smirk. What? I couldn't tell if I should freak out and be offeneded or not.

"What?" I lifted my head off the mattress to look at him.

"I see the way you look at me Valentina. I see the way you bend over the counter to reach for you phone while sticking your ass out. I see all of it. You should stop doing those things because im starting to believe they're in dedication to me." he removed my shirt.

Oh fuck. His sudden boldness was only bringing heat to my lower area. I could feel the wetness spreading.

"I...I don't do that on purpose. You're my boss."

"You're right I am your boss. Speaking of which, would you like a raise?"

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RhondaRowland2 RhondaRowland2 Jan 10, 2018
Like the one comment So far I'm liking the first chapter Please keep on coming with more chapters so that I can read them
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So uhm translation? I'm learning Italian but I'm not fluent.