The billionaire

The billionaire

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aelxzabxth By huntxrz_ Completed

Meet Ariana gray a hard working young lady for a major company called Romero's.

Now meet Aiden Romero the owner of Romero's company he's a young arrogant and titled as New Yorks heartbreaker.

Once Aiden chooses a floor by random to work on it turns out  to be the floor Ariana is on, let's just say its like a rollercoaster ride.

faithfullymee faithfullymee Dec 23, 2016
U kno as much as I'd regret it later I'd reject his offer. With a "nah I'd rather not... I prefer the rain over you." Smiling sweetly as I do 😂😂😉
1-800-KILL-A-BITCH 1-800-KILL-A-BITCH Nov 09, 2016
Boii i have a black matte audi r8 with two shiny stripes down the length of the car. But the looks are the only good thing about that car... and the seats maybe?...
solarinfinity solarinfinity Oct 29, 2016
He probably took it from you to either add your number to his phone or to add his number to your phone 😏
staycalm117 staycalm117 Jul 09, 2016
Not he not he just a good looking dude does he magical powers nope so he not a god 😊😀
He's so Cocky and just sexy 😍😍 
                              That girl he's with I cant stand her
TheEyeofMoonstar TheEyeofMoonstar Jan 29, 2016
Well, it's raining and nobody likes to drive fast on slippery roads unless you have a death wish