Adventures of Jone Bosworth, Founder & CEO inCourage Leading.

Adventures of Jone Bosworth, Founder & CEO inCourage Leading.

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ZarsMedia By ZarsMedia Updated Apr 29, 2013

What's one thing you're really proud of and wish every girl could experience too?  

My name is Jone Bosworth and that is one of the questions I asked women in 36 U.S. States for my upcoming book, The Flight Patterns of Superwomen. I'd love to hear your answer! 

If you ask my family about my adventures as a working woman, they'd laugh and say, "Oh, Jone, she keeps learning and learning--no telling what she'll be when she grows up." 

And they're right. If growing up means an end to trying heaps of new things and learning from successes -- and especially failures, I'll never grow up. 

In my jungle gym career, I've lived and worked on several continents wearing different professional hats: social worker, college instructor, diplomat, lawyer, government agency leader, and now consultant and executive coach. The connecting theme?  "Make a meaningful difference in people's lives." 

That's the simple legacy I intend to leave. It fills me with joy to discover and develop strengths - my own...