Strange Love: A Bumblebee Fanfic

Strange Love: A Bumblebee Fanfic

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Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long are best friends. Ever since Blake's secret was revealed, Yang found herself irresistibly drawn to the mysterious cat Faunus. But as much as she may like her---

Blake already likes Sun Wukong.

Will Yang ever win Blake's heart?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha lol sorry yang but she's just not that into you ... yet
Out of context, that would sound really racist.
                              Except, Sun's actually a monkey.
                              I just imagined someone reading that sentence and being all offended, and then a fan girl breaking through the door just like:
                              "SUN IS A BEAUTIFUL MONKEY, ÀSSHOLE!"
                              I'm weird
Am I the only one feeling related as lesbian/Bisexual friend-zoned here?
... This seems familiar to me. Maybe it was a real life problem.
I can almost hear it...
                              "Hello darkness my old friend,"
                              "How could this happen to me? I made my mistakes,"
                              "Mad world"
                              Ah, the Internet.
Same with gum lel. I got gum stuck in my hair once. I have long hair too. It was so hard to take off. I had 2 options, cut my hair or try to peel it off. I went for the more painful option XD