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The God Of Dreams and Nightmares

The God Of Dreams and Nightmares

43.9K Reads 2.7K Votes 15 Part Story
Fangirl By Caroline_Fangirl7 Updated Jun 30, 2016


Once upon a the small kingdom of Gravity Falls, there was a God. Not just any God. The most powerful God to exist, Bill Cipher. He was the God of Dreams and Nightmares, protector of the humans in the kingdom. All humans respected him and prayed to him, except for a boy named Dipper Pines. Why did this boy defy the rules of the kingdom? Nobody knows. But Bill is determined to claim this boy as his. He won't give up, even if he has to force Dipper to bow down to him.

ghostprinceiii ghostprinceiii Jul 05, 2016
When it said warm and soft I assumed it was the Multi-bear but I guess this makes a LOT more sense plot-wise.
SonasonBright SonasonBright Mar 22, 2016
I made a story almost exactly like this so far and I think you did it better.
_HeavenOrHell _HeavenOrHell Aug 13, 2016
Hearing the priest getting closer, fills you with determination
xXsilentrageXx xXsilentrageXx Jul 08, 2016
                              ...thats what we're all thinking right?
                              Im such gravity falls trash
Nightmareteddybear Nightmareteddybear Nov 16, 2015
Bill really is gonna laugh when the kid discovers his identity. Billdip trolling
skulla000aquarius skulla000aquarius Nov 13, 2015
Daaaannggg yoouuu cliiff haaangerssss!
                              this is rwally cool i cant wait to see what happens next!