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Lone Assassin (Minecraft Diaries Fanfiction)

Lone Assassin (Minecraft Diaries Fanfiction)

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Wolfblood527 By Wolfblood527 Updated Jun 07

When my parents told me I was gonna change the world one day. I didn't beleive them.
My name
Lets go with Storm.
I'm an assassin who lives in Okasis.
Well, lived. I'm now traveling around casuing trouble with my dragon.
One day I mess with the wrong guard and end up with and arrow in my shoulder. Fun right?
The guard who shot me? His name was 'Bucket head'. He lived in a very... interesting village. And this is where my adventure begins...
  (Cover was made by the amazing GracieGirl54. She is Awesome :):))
  (All of these characters expect Storm belong to aphmau minecraft dairies series and all the pictures I use belong to there respected owners)

DerpNekoKathy DerpNekoKathy Oct 20, 2016
This is the reason why I love Minecraft Diaries Fanfiction, without involving the main ships (Garmau, Larmau, Aarmau. . . Etc.), is because new stories, characters and imagination were created in this many fandoms. Sometimes Minecraft Diaries just needs new plots.
TheFantabulousSilver TheFantabulousSilver Apr 16, 2016
60 ft dragon made me lol since it middle of night and I still live with my mum I git grounded (damn you and your humour )
YourGirlGrace YourGirlGrace Apr 30, 2016
This sounds pretty cool! I can't wait to see how it plays out. I have a similar book, but the girl's 12. She's also the youngest shadow Knight ever created. It's an interesting plot, and I'd really like it if you'd check it out, I'm just starting out at this..
kwaiicookies kwaiicookies May 02, 2016
HOT FUDGE SUNDAE WITH EXTRA SPRINKLES!!!...sorry, did I ruin the moment? XD
Wolfblood527 Wolfblood527 Dec 29, 2015
Yay!!!! Finally someone who likes this kind of stuff my friends just think I'm weird  XD :3
DarkPuppet12 DarkPuppet12 Dec 29, 2015
I think this is gonna be super interesting....... Plus i like stuff with powers and assassins and stuffs like that X3