Constellation || Glenn Rhee [The Walking Dead]

Constellation || Glenn Rhee [The Walking Dead]

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Constellation || Glenn Rhee [1]


The stars reminded Athena of many things: the way her dead sister's eyes used to sparkle in the night, the soft glow of street lamps that she would pass on the way home from school, the soothingness of lavender candles her mother lit every morning. The stars reminded her of how things used to be. Athena had been through hell and back ever since her parents divorced, and although much had changed in her teenage years, the constellations didn't. At least, that's what her mother told her before the world changed too.

That was until she met Glenn Rhee, a Korean boy with a blooming curiosity and a knack for annoying the brunette girl, and suddenly the imperfect world they were trapped in became slightly more perfect.

But things change.

»seasons 2, 3, & part of 4«

Shel84 Shel84 Jun 30
Glenn was my favorite character since day 1 and I was a crying mess when he died ;-:
grac3_xoxo grac3_xoxo Jun 30, 2016
I want to read it but what season does it start i dont want any spoilers
WordFlow WordFlow Nov 13, 2015
Halsey so good too. How do you know all me factories singers?????
WordFlow WordFlow Nov 12, 2015
This looks awesome! I haven't read any twd fanfics so I'm definitely looking forward to this one.