The Beta's Young Mate ✔

The Beta's Young Mate ✔

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Alex By Blue-Bookworm Completed

Gracie is a seven year old she-wolf, with an inspiring tale of finding her soul mate at such a young age and growing up changing the lives of everybody around her.

Cole is fifteen when he meets Gracie and stops aging at sixteen, by doing this he gets to watch his mate grow into a beautiful young woman and he'll be waiting for her when she is ready for her mate.

Cover Credit - @mintys-

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KateRoyal2004 KateRoyal2004 Aug 16, 2017
Is not allowed to eat chocolate a punishment and let that it is only one day
MargoWest MargoWest Feb 02, 2017
I can just imagine her running around with her arms flying all about
maoriNZ maoriNZ Feb 23, 2017
I thought one was Forest Gump one a forest ranger and the other two just plain old forestry men ;)
your_amazayn_ your_amazayn_ Oct 20, 2016
I lost every book in my library and was fortunate enough to get some of them back and I came across your book and you don't know how happy I am #rr
bleedinglahey bleedinglahey Feb 21, 2017
^^ my other comments there lmao. probably my 16th time reading oops.
VHThompson VHThompson Nov 09, 2016
Maybe use foster home instead of care? Most times that's what happens and it's the proper word for it.